Thursday, February 9, 2012


Z 8 mos old!
After Christmas
Zach on Christmas day
Christmas Day evening
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Day of Hadley's 3 birthday

Halloween and her party

Man I am SOOO behind on the blog thing lately. I will try to summarize by month since my last post.
October-Hadley was a princess for Halloween (surprise, surprise) and Zach was a one eyed blue monster. We went trick-or-treating in neighborhood with neighbors ad her best friend Shea. They had a blast.Beach Halloween weekend

November- We had Hadley's 3rd birthday party at a park in Vienna. Sam, Connor, Ryan, Patrick, Charlie and Larry all came to celebrate with her. The kids had a great time. The big hit was her "taco" AKA pinata. She kept wanted to hit her taco....I think we now know the proper name. Pink Eye struck the house. NOTfun.
We hosted THanksgiving at our house in Annapolis. Had all of the grandparents up. We had a great time. Price and Joe fried a turkey again and it was delicious!

December-Had our first Christmas at our house. Mimi, Pop Pop and Joe all were there for Chistmas Eve. Hadley was still terrified of Santa but wanted the presents so Santa had to leave them all on the roof. She was NOT ok with him coming inside.

January-Headed to beach for New YEars Eve. Just hung low with Mom and Dad. We all did a Hair of the Dog 5K the morning of New Years Day. Was a gorgeous day and nice run/walk in Bethany beach.
Headed to FL for friends wedding the weekend of Martin Luther Kin. Stomach bug got kids that week. I thought I was in the clear but was affected me ONCE we got to FL. I did manage to make it to a nice lunch with Price in Naples where Warren Buffett was sitting at the bar with us. It all went downhill after that for me and I spent the rest of the day/night in bed. Got myself together after fever broke and did make it to the wedding on Sunday.

February-Already mid February . Zachary is now pulling up, crusing, crawling and all over the place. He also cut is top left tooth this week so looks like he will have 3 for a while. Not sure if the other is close behind. Hadley's all came at the same time so we will see. Our wonderful Megan (nanny of almost 2 years) left us. She is engaged now and moved in iwth her fiance an hour and a half away so the new hunt has been brutal to find someone else.

It has been a CRAZY mild winter. Was hoping to get SOME snow cuz the kids would love it and so does Kali. INstead, we spent New years eve sitting on the beach and all of our trips to the beach Hadley has been able to ride her bike on the boardwalk, etc. I must say, in a way its kinda nice. It is crazy all the flowers that are popping up. Makes me excited for our beds since my new yard is a work in progress. I see some things peeking out and can't remember what I put in so Hadley and I check on our bulbs periodically.

All in all, besides feeling like we have been sick since before THanksgiving, life is going great. Hadley is really turning into a great big sister and helper. Zachary is a sweetie...I will try to be better about posting.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is here

Bath time (Oct. 1)
Punkin' Pickin'
First Solids (Sept 27th)
Z man, 4 months old
Beth Herbert's Wedding
FIrst Day of Anchors-A-Wee preschool

Patrick, Hadley and Larry
Hadley and Larry
Z man a little over 3 months old at Rehoboth
The ladies
Party at Alex's house in King George
Eileen's Luncheon (all out of order)
Aunt Colette and Uncle Jim's visit
Back to Eileen's luncheon...yummy food
Kayak outing in Lewes
Uncle Joe with Hads and Z
earlier this summer for luncheon at Eileen's house

So the summer came and went and we have been busier than ever therefore, I have been terrible at posting! I now have a 4 month old and an almost 3 year old, weather is getting chilly and we had our first fire and pumpkins in the house yesterday. August and September were busy months. We went to REhoboth mid September to get together with lots of Mimi's relatives. I started back to work part time on August 22nd. That was tough but I survived and some days welcomed the break...and still do. Although, lately busier than I want to be. The week following Labor Day we stayed at Rehoboth all week and enjoyed lots of great times with some of Price's highschool crew and families. We had a blast as always. Now we are through September and enjoying all of the football that we can. Price is working real hard to get the kids to be as die hard as he is. So far its working. Hadley wore her Redskins cheerleading outfit for errands earlier and received LOTS of compliments. Zach is still the easiest sweetest baby in the world. HE had his 4 month apt. this past week and has really grown. He shot up to the 75% for height and has 50% for both head and weight. He was running around the 25% before so growing like a weed. Its the darn formula that he is now getting :( We started him on some oatmeal this week. Quite funny and so far he is not liking it a whole lot but we will keep practicing. Hadley is quite involved in his feeding. Both kids go to bed around 8:30 or 9 and sleep until 7:30 to 8. Its been great. Other than that..just getting ready for colder weather and welcoming it a bit.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time flies!

Hads and Z when he was 2 months old
Beach Babe
Surfer Girl
Our peanut
Hanging out at Gami's

Playing with Brody, the neighbor
Gami and her grandkids

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted since Fathers Day. Now summer is almost over. Crazy! Since June we have had a fun few weeks. Been to beach a few times, we joined a new pool in the area that is great and then made a trip to Price's moms and I ended up staying the entire week with the kids and Price came back to get us the following weekend. Hadley did learn to boogie board and was loving it. She would wear a little life jacket and get tossed around in the waves. What a brave girl!! Last week Mimi and I took the kids up to Lancaster as well. Hadley LOVED all the farm animals, amish, etc. We had a great trip and will make this an annual one. I haven't loaded those pictures yet, but will post once I get them on. Zach had his two month apt. yesterday. He is up to 11lbs 4 oz and doing great! Pediatrician was happy with everything. He continues to be our sweet little peanut. Hadley continues to be our challenging toddler :) All very exciting! Z had been giving us some 7 hour stretches which has been nice. I have dropped the late feedings when possible so he has been going from about 8pm til anywhere between 2 and 4 am. Nice long stretch. Hadley was sleeping a full 8-9 hours at this point but doctor keeps reminding me that they are different children. Here we are in August now. We will head to Rehoboth for a night or two to see family that will be in town and then I head back to work at Hopkins part time the week of August 22nd. Hadley will then start preschool after Labor Day when we get back from beach. Our yard is reallly coming together and I need to take some pictures of all of my flowers so I can see how things were towards the end of summer. We have really been missing nice soaking rains this year. Yard is still a work in progress but a fun project! Here are some pictures from latest adventures.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers Day

Ice Cream in Annapolis
After Z first sink bath
In the sink

We had a busy busy weekend. Went to an outdoor concert and dinner with friends and both kids on Friday night. It was a blast. Then Sat. Gami and CharChar came up for weekend. They were wonderful and watched both kids while Price and I escaped for a few hours. We went to a nice wine bar and REALLY enjoyed our time as adults! We even sat at the bar! Haven't done that in ages. Sunday, Fathers Day, the Brown's came up and Price and PopPop golfed. The ladies, and Zach, walked around Annapolis and then went to lunch. We then made a great dinner for the whole crew of crabcakes, filet, fresh beans from market and rosemary garlic potatoes. The time was enjoyed by everyone. Here are a few pics...also, Z had his first "sink bath" last week so those are up as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Few more Pics from last 2 weeks

Mr. Zach today

First day of camp (Monday)
Wearing Mommy's vintage Strawberry dress for strawberry parade
Zach 2 weeks old

A few more things from the past few weeks. This past weekend we attended the Strawberry Festival that is held every year in our neighborhood. It was quite a big event and was down on the beach and surrounding area. Hadley LOVED the "fair" but Mommy and Daddy thought it brought out some of the areas finest! We survived the heat for a bit until Zach had a meltdown which was a perfect way to get her to leave. Monday was also a big day. Hadley started her first day camp. It is Jungle Safari theme. Since my daughter doesn't have a shy bone in her body, she would have walked herself there alone. She had a great time. She will go M,W,F from 9-1 for the next two weeks. It is a nice break for all of us. I am loving the stay at home mom role for the summer, but it is necessary to come up with things to entertain a toddler.